As part to the band's 40th anniversary celebrations we spent two years fund raising enough funds to take the band to Tasmania for the March 2011 long weekend to spend with our friends from Burnie Concert Band for a weekend of rehearsal, sight seeing and performances.

Culminating in a gala concert on the Monday afternoon at the Burnie Arts Centre after a Sunday afternoon performance at Umina Park home for the aged, we enjoyed many of Tasmania's magnificent sights before we returned to Victoria on Spirit of Tasmania.  Click on the map above to see the area of Tasmania that we visited.

Click on the photographs below to see the full size images of our fantastic trip.

Saturday Rehearsal

David Turner at the podium.

101 flutes!

From the percussion section

Clarinets galore!

Darryn Wright at the podium.

Part of the bottom end of the band

More Clarinets!

6 percussion players.

Trumpets to spare.

Sunday Rehearsal



Umina Park Performance - Southern Area Events Band

Helen plays "Over the Rainbow"


Darryn performs "Someone to Watch Over Me"

Andrew presents "Blue Moon"



Mother, son and grandson.

Social Events    

Jacqui leads proceedings

Irish flute trio

Stan's improvised jazz band

Stan struts his stuff on the saxophone

Chantelle performs "Over the Rainbow"

Nicole shows off her other talent

I just want a coffee!!


Geoff practices his percussion skills

Gala Performance - Monday Afternoon - Burnie Concert Band

David addresses the audience






Gala Performance - Monday Afternoon - Southern Area Concert Band







Gala Performance - Monday Afternoon - Combined Bands Finale










The Tasmanian Team!

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