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Southern Area Concert Band started in 1971 as an extension activbity for students looking for challenge outside of school music programs....

... during the 1980's and 1990's we went through a period of growth, with member numbers reaching 60+...

... in 2005, SACB started a new Training band, designed for musicians at upper primary and lower secondary levels, and returning musicians ...

... 2018 saw a rebranding of the Training Band to form the Southern Area Wind Band...

... In 2021, the Southern Area Concert Band celebrated its 50-year anniversary...









Southern Area Concert Band commenced operation in 1971 as an extension activity for school students who wanted a challenge outside of school music. The first music director of SACB was Nancy Ovenden who was succeeded by Craig Seymour in 1975.

The initial committee of management of the SACB was made up of parents of the band members. These dedicated individuals managed the band on meagre finances (by today's standards), and various shifts in venues. They also presided over a period of growth and established a firm direction for the band to follow. Around the 1980's saw another period of change when the initial school students became older and still wanted to play in the band. A decision was made to allow them to stay on and the SACB made the transition from being a band as an extension of school bands, into a full community band. This also brought about changes in the band's organisational structure. Where the first committees were parents of band members, later committees comprised of the band members themselves, which has continued to this day.

In the 1980's and 1990's SACB went through a period of growth where the band sometimes had up to 70 members on the books, and upon joining the Victorian Bands' League enjoyed considerable competition success in 'A' grade and 'B' grade championships. This extended to National Band Championships where the band became the champion National B grade band on a few occasions. The band undertook successive tours to Adelaide and Sydney to compete in the National Championships.

With the change of century brought about another transition with SACB, and we saw new directions to follow and new changes in band structure. Craig Seymour, who faithfully led the band for over 30 years, retired from his position of Music Director in 2005 which led to Darryn Wright being appointed the new MD of SACB.

In 2005 SACB made a decision to start a Training Band, which was designed for musicians of upper primary/lower secondary level, and musicians who were coming back into playing their instruments. Jeremy de Korte led the training band from its inception until handing the reigns to Eve Macleod in mid 2008 after Jeremy's resignation.  Eve continued to conduct the Training Band until the end of 2009, when Trevor Cartwright was asked to step into the position after Eve's resignation.  From December 2011 to 2013 the Training Band was led by Jenny Corcoran, followed by Nicole Marshall and Jacinta Ewers from the beginning of 2015.

Our Training Band took on slight new direction and re-branding in January 2018, becoming the Southern Area Wind Band under the leadership of Jacinta Ewers and Nicole Marshall.

The Southern Area Concert Band celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2021 and continues to thrive, providing a safe and supported space for musicians (both starting and experienced) to play, practice and learn.


NG Wishart Senior Citizens Hall

964 Nepean Highway

Moorabbin VIC 3189

PO Box 1071

Moorabbin VIC 3189

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